The legendary musician and the co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons, has posted a really interesting photo of the Waffle Machine, which is brand new product of KISS, via his official and verified Instagram account.

KISS is a very well-known music band with its interesting products, and they continued to surprise the fans with another one.

Not today, Gene Simmons has announced their new product, and it is a weirdly designed waffle machine. As you might check out the post of Gene below, the machine is making a waffle of the masked face of Gene Simmons.

Also, Gene Simmons has written an interesting message with the photo and asked a question to his fans about this product. You can see what he wrote below.

“In answer to your questions re the waffle maker – it’s the KISS DEMON WAFFLE MAKER, which makes waffles that look like my face. What else?”

A user named Rob Surf wrote a funny comment:

“Omg, I need this in my life! Thank u for all the great times! ur music was associated w so many good memories! A fan since 82’, my friend was always u, and I was ace.

Thanks to all of u. ( where can I get this).”

Another user named Sherry M. commented:

“I like waffles but I don’t know how I’d feel about eating someone’s face. And I have been a fan since I moved to the US.

Never forget that Halloween. It was around 1980ish and I saw Kiss meets the phantom of the park, It pissed off the parents so I was hooked.”

You can see the tweet of Gene Simmons right below.