In a recenty interview with Sweetwater Sound, KISS bassist Gene Simmons explained that why self-promotion is very important for artists and bands. He said:

“Well, I don’t want to throw ice-cold water into the face of romance. All the romantic smoke-and-waters thing; it’s not that. It was never called ‘music’ — it’s not called music now and it wasn’t called yesterday and it won’t be called tomorrow. It was always called the ‘music business,’ and if you believe in truth in advertising, the word ‘business’ is up there.

You can choose to ignore that word, [and] you will go back to your mom’s basement yet again. You will be doing the music you love, nobody will know about it. After you create something, it is your inferred fiduciary duty to make the rest of the world aware you created something.

If you care enough about the music you’re creating, either playing or singing about, you’ve got to go out there. The mountain ain’t coming to you, Muhammad. You got to go out there and that’s called promotion and sales. A religion is only good as the messenger, the prophet. Without somebody knocking on your door saying ‘Hey, check my stuff out.’ They’re not going to know about you.

You can either be a hired gun, be in the background, you put your instrument down, your drums, keyboards, everything and go home and have a hot dog, that’s fine, but you won’t go anywhere. The people and I know the folks up at the top, they go out there and work every day, even if they’re rich.

You can watch the entire interview from below.