The bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons replied to a political and personal question from his fan on his official Twitter page. He stated that the answer was nobody’s business and he sounded angry.

Since he is caring when it comes to his fans and reading their questions, a fan dared to ask him about the next elections and who will Simmons be voting for. He asked:

“How you voting and feeling Gene? Always thought you to be a ‘smart’ man. How’s this all working out for you? You on the side of democracy?”

Gene Simmons implied that voting is a personal matter and should not be public. He responded:

Thanks for asking. It’s nobody’s business who you vote for. And you will never convince the other person of your beliefs.

So, just go into the voting booth, draw the curtain, and vote your conscience. And stop asking people who they’re voting for. It’s none of your business.”

You can see the Twitter post of Gene below.

Gene Simmons uses his Twitter to announce KISS‘ tours such as the upcoming one, ‘Rock The Planet Tour’ that will continue once the pandemic is over and he is genuine with his fans about his personal life on social media which they appreciate.

He also replies to his fans quite often. As you might remember, in previous news he recently clapped back to a user accusing him to have zero interactions with his fans on Twitter. He, with solid sentence, replied:

That’s a lie.”

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