Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, has shared a speech of Donald Trump in which he asked for the citizens to take cautions against coronavirus.

As the rate of people who were diagnosed with the coronavirus has increased again, Trump went before the cameras to make a statement and urge people to socially distance, wash their hands, and wear a mask when they cannot avoid crowded places.

The legendary musician Gene Simmons has posted the public speech of Trump and sarcastically commented on it by saying that do what the president said. Simmons tried to point out that it is too late for such a statement and too little an action for a president to make about the threatening virus.

Here is the tweet that ABC News has sent:

“Pres. Trump urges Americans in states where COVID-19 is at a ‘very low number’ to remain ‘vigilant’ to prevent new virus hotspots: “I urge all Americans to continue to socially distance, wash your hands, wear a mask when you cannot avoid crowded places.”

Here is what Gene Simmons reacted against Trump’s speech:

“Do what the President said!”

You can see Simmons’ tweet below.