The iconic hard rock band, KISS, recently posted a photo on their Twitter account and announced that their friend, fellow rock enthusiast, and editor of the well-known metal and rock magazine Metal Edge, Gerri Miller, passed away on March 14.

Gerri Miller was one of the most popular figures of the ’80s-’90s rock and metal scenes. She was an entertainment and lifestyle journalist who worked in numerous print and internet outlets but is best known for her work on Metal Edge.

Metal Edge was a magazine that launched in 1985 and after 24 years of publishing, it was discontinued in 2009. The magazine was considered to be the leading voice in mainstream metal media and is still credited as one of the very few media outlets that had the courage to give voice to the rock and metal scene, which were often marginalized.

Gerri Miller was a journalist working for Metal Edge and she was one of the most popular figures in the music scene. She befriended numerous bands such as KISS and was praised for her great character and passion for her job. With their recent tweet, KISS sent their condolences to Gerri’s family and friends and expressed the sadness that they felt upon receiving this heartbreaking news.

Here’s what KISS said in their recent tweet:

“We are saddened by the passing of our friend Gerri Miller. RIP. She was a champion of so many bands during her time at Metal Edge magazine and loved the music and scene of it all. Our deepest sympathies to her family & friends.”

You can check out KISS’s tweet below.