KISS recently canceled their upcoming Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, as announced by the venue representatives to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The spokespeople didn’t reveal the reason behind this cancelation, but it may be due to the recent backlash the band received regarding the lack of COVID-19 precautions.

As some of you might know, KISS recently lost their guitar tech and longtime friend Fran Stueber, who had been working with the band since 2002. After the tch’s passing, frontman Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter page stating what an important person he was in their entire music career.

What sparked the controversy after that point was the cause of their tech’s death. The 52-year-old Stueber passed away due to COVID-19, even though he was vaccinated. Several people started to speculate that KISS wasn’t as cautious as they were supposed to be since their crowd wasn’t obligated to wear masks during performances.

In addition to this, a roadie told Rolling Stone that the band might be to blame after their tech’s passing since they ignored the precautions and restrictions against the coronavirus. According to numerous statements, KISS’ crew members weren’t tested daily, nobody wore masks properly, and some even hid their positive tests, providing fake vaccine cards.

According to Rolling Stone, a roadie said:

“I couldn’t believe how unsafe it was, and that we were still going. We’d been frustrated for weeks, and by the time Fran died, I just thought, ‘You have to be f*king kidding me.'”

Following the concerning statements, KISS denied all the accusations by releasing a statement in which they strictly defended themselves regarding following protocols. If you ask the band members, they encouraged everybody around them to get vaccinated, but there’s no way of touring without the risk factor. 

Since both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons had tested positive at the beginning of their farewell tour, they have a first-hand experience of the risk factor. Fortunately, they recovered quickly as they were vaccinated and continued their tour despite the postponements of some of their dates.

KISS recently announced the unexpected cancelation of their upcoming show at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. The ticket sales were to start on December 29 and run through February 5, but according to the representative’s announcement, tickets are being taken down from the Caesars Entertainment/Ticketmaster link.

The spokespeople for Zappos Theater said that ticket providers will contact purchasers with refund information, and fans should be following the band’s official website for further details. Representatives of Live Nation and Caesars Entertainment have not commented on the reason behind this cancelation. 

Although it may simply be due to a busy schedule, the reason for this decision looks like it’s related to the KISS’ recent controversy. The band may have refrained from increasing their risk factor with more concert dates considering the wild accusation they recently received. However, fans have to wait and see until they release a statement regarding their decision.