Gene Simmons, the co-founder and iconic bassist of KISS, has shown the first signs of getting old on Twitter by quoting the same tweet of Bloomberg Businessweek about the advancement of the economy twice in a day.

The legendary co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons, has been a quite active Twitter user, who foregrounds the political and social issues of the US in his tweets and daily follows the news of several sources like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

While retweeting some of the news about the States’ normalized ties with Israel and Sudan, Gene Simmons has displayed an act that shows he begins to forget what he did a few hours ago.

Among his other retweets, Simmons has quoted the same update of Bloomberg Businessweek, in which they reported that the economy grew 30% in the third quarter in the US. The first time he said amazing about the news, and in the second row, he commented that it’s astounding.

A fan of Gene, whose name is Derek Castle, has pointed out his newly emerging lack of attention on social media. Castle said to Simmons that he has responded to this exact tweet 17 hours ago.

In the news, Gene Simmons has commented on, it was stated that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the deepest US recession since at least World War II. Gross domestic product shrank at an annual rate of 31.4% in the second quarter.

COVID-19 is infecting more than 50,000 Americans a day, the most since early August. Somehow, though, the economy has roared back, the source said. They also revealed the government is likely to report that GDP rose an annualized 30% in the third quarter, also a postwar record.

Here’s what was said in the tweet Gene Simmons quoted:

“The U.S. is likely to report that the economy grew 30% in the third quarter, a postwar record.”

At first Gene responded as:


He retweeted the same statement again a few hours later and said:


A fan of Gene, whose name is Derek Castle, indicated the issue by saying:

“You quoted this same exact tweet twice, Gene. 17 hours ago at 7:30pm lol.”

You can see the tweets below.