The legendary frontman of KISS and quite active social media user of the band nowadays, Paul Stanley, has shared a couple of new tweets on his official Twitter account and made fans’ laugh after making a funny mistake.

After sharing the latest bike he brought from the garage these days, Paul also mentioned when he bought his ‘Univega Activa Trail’ and called the bike as a 20-years-old. However, the bike was produced in 1994 and it had to be just 26-years-old right now.

After the fans have noticed that funny mistake, they’ve warned KISS frontman about the issue. Later on, Paul posted yet another tweet and blamed his mathematic teacher for the mistake.

Here is what he wrote first:

“Great weather and I got my bike out last week and riding. I love my 20-year-old Univega Activia Trail Bike. I got it in 1994 and still looks and rides like new!”

Later on, he noticed his mistake about the dates:

“Twenty Six!!! Okay?!?! My math teacher didn’t like me.”

You can see these funny tweets of Paul Stanle below.