Paul Stanley, the frontman of KISS, surprised his fans with the good news that he is working on the new album with his side band ‘Soul Station’ after releasing the rescheduled dates of ‘End Of The Road’ tour with KISS.

Stanley confirmed on his latest tweet that now he is working on the upcoming album of Soul Station. He also said, by drawing attention to the pandemic, that all members of the band have their masks on in the studio.

After KISS has announced the new dates for their farewell tour ‘End Of The Road’ in the past few days, Stanley has wasted no time to keep on working for more music. The tour of KISS, which was postponed to 2021, seems to give enough time for Stanley for his projects in the band Soul Station.

Here is what Paul Stanley said on his tweet:

“In the studio doing final tweaks on the Soul Station album.

Yes, We all have masks on and so should you.”

You can see Stanley’s tweet below.