The iconic guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley has added one more to his extremely healthy-looking photos and recommended his followers to do some outdoor sports for their physical and mental wellness.

The legendary musician has been sharing the pictures from his amazing lifestyle during the global pandemic. Despite his age, Stanley displays how full of life and fit he is. Especially in these tough days the coronavirus threatens all of us, Paul Stanley keeps encouraging his fans to take care of their bodies and minds.

As you may remember, he has posted a picture of himself in a good posture, taken when he went for bike riding. He posed near the beach with his mask and helmet on and said that he feels awesome as he regularly does the sport.

Stanley has shared another similar photo of himself again. In the brand new selfie he took, Paul seems utterly happy on his bike. He didn’t forget two of his most crucial companions, a mask and a helmet. Paul said about the photo that he took it while having a break to enjoy the scenery and he advised his fans to go out as him and be safe.

Here is what Stanley said in his latest tweet:

“Biking with 8 miles to go! Taking a break to enjoy the scenery. Go out! Live! Be safe.

You can see the tweet below.