KISS co-founder and fronting member of the band, Paul Stanley, was the latest interview guest of SiriusXM this week and shared his health status after having hard injuries and surgeries in his career.

While KISS fans are still waiting for the band to reveal the rescheduled dates of the ‘End Of The Road’ tour, Paul released a new album named ‘Now And Then’ from his side project named ‘Soul Station’ this month. The debut album of Soul Station features eleven covers from the artists and songs from R&B and Soul history.

In his latest ever interview with SiriusXM, Paul was asked how live events affected his body despite riding a bicycle and making fitness regularly. According to Stanley, he has torn the cartilage in both knees but after the surgery, he feels great and he can cope with the upcoming show.

Here is what Paul said in his latest interview:

“Both my rotator cuffs have been repaired. I popped my bicep tendon about a year and a half ago and that had to be surgically repaired.

I’ve torn the cartilage in both my knees, and that’s been taken care of. I’ve had a hip replacement. But modern medicine and science, God bless it. I’m good for another 50 thousand miles. And whether genetics play a part in it too – my dad is 101 [years old].

And I don’t mean he’s some guy who doesn’t know where he is or who he is. He could have this same conversation with you. God bless him. I hope those genes don’t skip a generation.”

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