The iconic co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of KISS, Paul Stanley, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and discussed the worrying situation considering the news broadcasting in the United States.

Paul Stanley is without a doubt, one of the rockstars who are the most active and vocal on their social media accounts. Specifically, Paul Stanley often uses his Twitter account to shares his political views and discuss important matters.

As you may recall, Stanley used his Twitter account to encourage people to vote and share his views about the 2020 USA presidential election. Recently, Paul Stanley posted a tweet on his Twitter account to reflect his frustration and concerns considering the U.S. news broadcasting.

He criticized big channels for not delivering truthful and accurate news to their audience and argued that they are the reason why the United States cannot come together. As channels add their commentary, instead of delivering the news directly, they can sometimes be provocative rather than informative.

Paul Stanley argued that our views are formed based on the information that we receive through media. Thus, advocacy journalism encourages miscommunication between people which in turn, fuels hate and anger. Stanley referred to this situation as sad and his view was supported by thousands of people.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said:

“How on earth can we bring this country together when any well funded or well-run media outlet can purport to be presenting truthful, accurateNews‘? Our beliefs are understandably based on believing the sources we watch and listen to and therein lies the problem. Sad situation.

You can check out the tweet that Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account below.