During one of the recent Kruise VII question-and-answer session’s, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has revealed his thoughts about possibility of a new live album and/or DVD/Blu-ray from their farewell tour, “End of the Road.”

A fan asked if there are any plans for KISS to release a live album of the group’s farewell tour and Paul Stanley said:

“I haven’t really give it any thought, but it seems appropriate. It seems appropriate that we’ll want to document, whether it’s video or document with an audio of this. It’s a great way to wrap things up. So although it hasn’t been planned or thought out, it seems logical.”

You can watch the entire statement from below.

He also spoke in an interview with Madison Vain of BUILD Series and revealed his thoughts about classic lineup reunion for “End Of The Road” farewell tour. He said:

This is a celebration of everything KISS. This is a celebration of the history of the band, not any individual lineup, but at the same time, it would be crazy for us to be so short-sighted to not want to involve other members in the band.

So hopefully, there will be appearances by other people who’ve been in this band. If they weren’t there, it’s not because we don’t want them there. This really is an all-inclusive celebration.”

Two weeks ago, The full list of dates for KISS’ farewell tour, “End Of The Road”, has been revealed. Click here.