The legendary frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley is having a really though days money-wise, according to the KISSFaq member Doose.

Doose claimed that iconic frontman Paul Stanley had to sell all his guitars to deal with his issues nowadays.

Here is what Doose wrote on KISSFaq forums:

“If you go to you can see what’s been sold and what’s available. With plenty still available, he’s already sold over $204,000 in guitars and microphones just for the Kruise. So the $20 million figure I think is quite real.”

Another forum user named BlackDiamond67 responded:

 “Paul’s site doesn’t give all units sold. He has also sold guitars that only he, Keith, Fran, and the owner know about. A guitar from a special video or appearance gets at least $25K. Guitars from his “Weapons of Choice” collection Start at $15K Then, add the fact that each stage-played custom shop Ibanez or Washburn guitar from each show of each tour is $15K – $18,500 at a minimum.

Next, add the PS120s (and Washburn equivalents) that go for $8000 if played as well as the ones he sells signed unplayed.

Finally, add the broken ones. During this tour alone, Paul has crushed it with sales. He really started making big money when he started selling played custom shop guitars a few years ago mike the PS10, PS1CM, PS2CM, and the new gold cracked mirror, Ibanez.”

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