KISS’ bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, posted a photo with KISS on his Twitter account shared his feelings about the way that the band was welcomed by the hosts of their upcoming show in a magical place on New Year’s Eve.

As you know, Gene Simmons enjoys using his Twitter account to talk about KISS’s upcoming projects, give details about the band’s latest shows, express his views on social or political matters, and discuss music. In his latest tweet, he took the time to thank the hosts of their upcoming show for their professional and kind team and their hospitality.

As you probably know, Simmons recently revealed that KISS will put on a show on New Year’s Eve in Dubai at the world-famous Atlantis Resort. He had already posted a tweet praising Dubai as a gorgeous and highly multicultural city. However, this time he wanted to thank the Atlantis staff for accommodating them and helping them throughout their stay.

Gene Simmons said that Atlantis ended up being beyond what they had expected and that they have really appreciated their ‘kind, gracious, unbelievably professional production team’ and of course, the delicious food. Simmons said that they are shocked and feel like words cannot explain how surprised and humbled they are.

Here’s what Gene Simmons said in his tweet:

“Thank you Atlantis Dubai for going beyond what we expected – kind, gracious, unbelievably professional production team, amazing food… what can I say. We are humbled.”

You can check out Gene Simmons’s tweet below.