KISS’s upcoming farewell tour “One Last Kiss: End of the Road World” begins in Vancouver on January 31, 2019. Click here to full list of the dates.

The band members has shared some special photos from rehearsal sessions. Paul Stanley has posted a photo with this caption:

“A few more rehearsals before we head out. The new show is AWESOME.”

See the photo below.

Bassist Gene Simmons has shared a photo and video as you can see below.

Official farewell tour lineup:

Paul Stanley – vocals, rhythm guitar
Gene Simmons – vocals, bass
Tommy Thayer – lead guitar, vocals
Eric Singer – drums, vocals

During in a recent interview, Paul Stanley stated:

“Okay, so I’m standing here on the new ‘End Of The Road’ KISS stage, and all I can tell you is it’s freakin’ phenomenal. Is it anything like anything we’ve done? No. This is brand new from the ground up.

I’ve gotta tell you. People say is this bittersweet? No. If the tour is anything like this stage, it’s totally sweet. We always try to raise the bar — that’s just for us — but when other bands would see us, they would feel they had to up their game.

Let me tell you something: everybody better start working out, because we’re upping the game that much more. This is absolutely mind-bogglingly good. It’s totally KISS. And I’ll be looking for you on the ‘End Of The Road’ tour.”

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