KISS icon Gene Simmons has posted a new video on his verified Twitter page, and he called out his solo band, ‘Gene Simmons Band.’

As you might all know Gene Simmons from his legendary band KISS, he also had a solo band for awhile. Members of the band are Ryan Cook, Jeremy Asbrock and Philip Shouse on guitar and vocals, and Jarred Pope on the drums.

A Twitter user named ‘Titans of Rock’ shared ‘Gene Simmons Band‘s 2018 Cannafest performance. In the video, the band members and the audience sing the song together.

Here’s what Gene Simmons wrote:

“Cool. Remember the gig fondly, when our little Gene Simmons Band played up there.”

A Twitter user named Annette commented and said this:

“I was there. I might have cried a little.”

Another fan named Alyssa wrote:


Check out the tweet below.