Daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons and Shannon Lee, Sophie Simmons has posted a new photo of herself on Twitter to show her new hair-color.

She also gave a little clue about her future plans on that post. As you see below, Sophie is a pure redhead now, and we can totally say that this decision looks a great fit for her.

Here’s what she wrote:

“So much travel until 2020. so anxious about it but so exited to be out of my comfort zone ✈️”

A fan named Krien commented:

“Taking a chance and stepping out of our comfort zone in fact makes us happier!”

Another fan named Ginnie posted a very supportive message to her:

“You have the best mother and father in the world and you stem from both of them and now you’re a beautiful person but they’re in your heart they’re in your mind they’re in your soul and you will rock this just like they have their whole life.

I just put a prayer in for you at my church and I know in my heart you will be rocking and you will be just fine because you are your own person and if what I see a social media in the way you talk and the way you sing the way you act you will be just fine”

Check out the photo below.

You can reach the original Instagram post below.