The legendary KISS star Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter and a famous social media figure, Sophie Tweed Simmons, posted a bunch of new Instagram Stories on her verified social media account today.

As you might all know the bushfire crisis that goes in Australia, twenty people have been killed including three volunteer firefighters. And also, about six million hectares (60,000 Square Km) of a bush, forest, and parks have been burned.

Sophie did not want to remain silent to that tragedy, and she posted a hot bikini photo to draw her fans’ attention to the donation pages.

Here is what’s written on the photo of Sophie:

“Just in case you skipped past the stories about the wildfires!


Swipe up.”

You can check out the photo of Sophie right below.

Earlier last month, Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter and famous social media personality, Sophie Tweed Simmons shared a new photo on her verified Instagram page.

Sophie showed her perfect body with a really sincere photo which was taken by ‘Universal Music Publishing Australia,’ and she also shared a short message about that interesting photo with her followers.

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