KISS vocalist Gene Simmons’ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons has continued to share new attractive photos belong to herself via her official and verified Instagram page.

In the recent Instagram Stories, Sophie posted a new special photo while she was visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Sunday. She was seemed to be very enjoyable in the photo.

She has chosen comfortable clothes and wore a white shirt and black trousers for this trip. She has shown her very hot slamming curves thanks to this photo to her fans and friends and also, she didn’t add any more details about this trip.

You can see the photo of her right below.

Last week, Gene Simmons had posted a new photo on his verified Twitter page and reacted to people who think he’s one of the greatest of all times.

As you might see in the photo, the infamous cover art of The Beatles’ legendary album ‘Abbey Road’ is illustrated and the photo features Guns N’ Roses guitars Slash, late Queen icon Freddie Mercury, Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne, and Gene Simmons.

Here’s what Gene wrote:

“Oh yeah?”

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