KISS legend Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons posted a recent photo on her verified Twitter account and slammed Selena Gomez in a very clever way.

As you will see the tweet below, Sophie shared the childhood photo of Selena and shared a really funny meme with her followers.

Here is what’s written on the photo:

“Look at her now.

Selena Gomez.”

A user named John commented on the photo:

“Selena Gomez???… That looks like you to me!”

You can see the tweet right below.

Last week, Sophie Simmons has made a new question and answer session on Instagram Stories.

During that Q&A session, Sophie has revealed important news about her future plans.

A fan asked her:

“Do marriage and kids interest you at all?”

Sophie responded:

“Yes absolutely. But I have a few things i want to achive first 🙁 So marriage soon, kids later”

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