The daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, Sophie Simmons, has posted a new fascinating photo of herself via her official and verified Instagram account.

As you can see at the bottom, Sophie Simmons was looking very beautiful and attractive in a simple way. She had worn a special black dress and if you are a good follower of her you can easily notice that she has changed her hair color.

Also, Sophie Simmons has shared surprise news about her upcoming song thanks to this post and caption a part of her new upcoming song’s lyric.

Here’s what she captioned:

“🎶 🌸 a heart like yours 👼🏻 it’s gonna break for sure 💔 🎶 #newmusic.”

An Instagram user named Lacretia Cooke commented:

“The look is straight out of the 70s and you rock it! Beautiful!! ❤️🔥.”

Another user named Mike Baker took a comment:

“New music is always a good thing.”

You can see the Instagram post of Sophie Simmons right below.