Co-Founder of the music magazine Creem, Jaan Uhelszki revealed a rare-untold story about KISS legend Gene Simmons eating hash brownies.

Here is what bandmate Tommy Thyer said about ‘that’ night in Detroit:

“We’d heard that story a hundred times, but we never knew that there was a witness. We weren’t even sure it was true!”

Here is the statement of Uhelszki:

“It was the promoter’s birthday as well as a party for Kiss, so there was a giant birthday cake. But after it was cut, waitresses made the rounds with plates of chocolate brownies.

‘Don’t even think of having any of those,’ I cautioned Simmons. ‘Why not? I love brownies,’ he replied, a little queriously. ‘I know you love brownies. But just don’t. They’re hash brownies.’ He looked bewildered as if trying to figure out why anyone would want to defile chocolate with drugs.”

He went on to tell how Simmons grabbed three and devoured” them, while the bassist tried to claim it had been six. “It was three.“

Uhelszki also revealed Gene Simmons asked for a glass of milk:

Simmons asked, “Are my feet as big as I think they are? Does my head look funny? Is it really small? Why are my hands so big? Are my teeth shiny?” As they left the party in a car, he continued with “a steady stream of questions, the border between what he was thinking and saying all but demolished.”

When we entered the place, Simmons said in a carefully articulated but booming voice, ‘May I have a glass of milk, please?’

I remember the man behind the counter as if it were yesterday. ‘We don’t sell glasses of milk, son.”

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