The legendary musician and the co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons, has shared some bizarre photos of himself when he was trying interesting things via his verified Twitter account.

Everyone knows that Gene Simmons loves to share strange posts and photos which he shared on his social media account from time to time.

Today, he has added another photo when he was making something in the kitchen. He was making cereal for himself, but he wanted to do that in another way. He put ice cubes in cereal, but anybody doesn’t know what he feels.

Here’s what he captioned with photos:

“Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?”

A fan named Little Rad Riding Hood gave a meaningful answer to Gene:

“Absolutely not. Try chilling your bowl if you want that milk ice cold.”

Another fan named Vicki Williams commented:

“Nope, but my grandfather put them in his glass of milk.”

You can see the tweet of Gene Simmons right below.