Yesterday, the world-famous rock band, KISS, shared a new tweet on their official Twitter account and made a statement to announce their surprise product: a face mask due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Here’s what KISS wrote in the tweet:

“100% of the profit generated from the purchase of these #KISS Face Mask shall be donated* to the Global Relief Fund For Live Music Crews – @LiveNation. #crewnation.”

A few hours later, a Twitter user named ‘Sharon Mckinley‘ saw KISS’ announcement about the masks and retweeted it to share her thoughts.

Here’s how Sharon criticized KISS for being log:

“Capitalizing on the pandemic with selling band face masks is the low guy. FFS get a grip.”

The demon of KISS, Gene Simmons, noticed Sharon’s tweet and shared it on his own Twitter account to make a statement. He wrote a really bold answer to her and you can see it here:

“Actually, Sharon, it’s Philanthropy. And, I realize Capitalism is also a big word, but it’s not the same. Look it up. Have a nice day.”

You can see the tweets of them right below.