The legendary bass player of rock veteran band KISS, Gene Simmons has written an answer to tweet of Titans Of Rock on his verified and official Twitter account.

Titans Of Rock have shared a special photo of Gene Simmons which he was joined their concert in Grand Forks. Titan Of Rock told what did they do with Gene Simmons at the weekend in the tweet.

Here’s what they wrote:

“This was the day we met @genesimmons in Grand Forks at our festival. The Gene Simmons Band was the highlight of the weekend.

It was AMAZING when they did O’Canada with the entire crowd singing along @brentfitz.”

Gene Simmons has posted that tweet and then wrote a short but intriguing message in his tweet, and he signaled that something would happen really soon. The fans have started to think about what they will do.

Here’s what he said:

“TitansOfRock.Com – Big news coming soon!!!”

A user named Ted Frozen commented:

“O’ Canada is such a fine anthem. Way superior to ours here in the US.”

Another user named Chuck said:

“Not another leg on the last tour this thing is going till 2025.”

You can see the tweets right below.