KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ The Vault Experience has come to an end for 2018. Simmons traveled to 35 cities in 9 countries around the world and brought box-sets to the fans by himself.

During The Vault Experience, there were lots of unforgettable moments, and one of those was Sienna Hernandez’s story.

Simmons, told Sienna that he’d like to host the Dallas event of his city-by-city Vault Experience tour at her house… And he did that!

After that organisation Simmons tweets to Sienna and got her honoured:

“Sienna, you are an inspiration. You are going to do great things in life. Very proud of you.”

And Sienna responded:

“Thank you for believing in me. It means so much to me Gene Simmons!”

Here are those tweets:

However, if you want to know where the story started and how the process goes, lets hear it from Sienna:

“Many of my friends and members of the KISS Army have asked how I ended up serving as a executive producer of Gene Simmons’ lifetime box set “The Vault.”

The short answer – we met when I was 9 years old when my parents bought me a Gene Simmons Axe bass (see pics of our first meeting on this page).  That purchase included a Master Class where I got to have Mr. Simmons give me my first bass lesson.  I also got to write a song with him!

That first meeting turned in to a friendship with the most wonderful mentor a person could ever have!  I am so grateful for him to be in my life.  He is the most thoughtful, nice man (other than my dad) that I have ever met!”

If you want to watch the documentary called, “Gene Simmons Vault Experience | Sienna’s Story”, you can click here.