KISS icon Gene Simmons has shared his reaction after seeing the classy act of his daughter, Sophie Simmons, and thanked the food delivery service named Postmates on Twitter.

In the tweets of Sophie, we can see that she had some trouble with Postmates for not getting her food order during the self-quarantine days. Also, She stated that they rejected the refund or deliver it again.

After a short period, Postmates decided to refund the money and sent their apologies for Sophie. Later on, Sophie donated this money for Feeding America, which is a nonprofit organization that helps people to find food, and showed how good-hearted she is.

Furthermore, Gene stated that they were lucky to be refunded, but the standards of services should be higher than this. Afterward, he thanked the food/delivery workers and showed how important they are to the community in these tough times.

Here is what Sophie Simmons said earlier:

“Hey Postmates, yesterday I caught my Postmates eating out of my food in his car, no fork, face right in the bowl, and he did apologize after being caught but… lol help? (i know there are bigger problems in the world right now but still)”

Sophie tweeted again today:

“I hate doing this but this is the second time Postmates hasn’t helped me with a troubling issue. first time below… Second time now they never delivered the essential groceries we ordered for myself and a neighbor… Lame Postmates trying to limit going out during pandemic.

They also refused to refund it or deliver it again… hope the Postmate enjoys the groceries they scored.

Sophie added:

“Yay! Postmates finally reached out to help. Thanks, everyone for your help and advice as well. I donated the money they refunded me to Feeding America, thanks for following up.”

Gene Simmons wrote:

“Update below. Thank you Postmates. We are fortunate but for those who depend on food delivery during this pandemic, your service is valuable.

It should be held to a high standard so those who are vulnerable still receive their groceries. Thank you to our food/delivery workers.”

You can read the tweets below.