Gene Simmons, the co-founder and bass guitarist of KISS, got into an argument with his fan on Twitter about his attitude to a follower who asked Simmons if he has the same mindset that Mitch McConnell has as a die-hard Republican.

The iconic bassist, who closely follows the news about both politics and the global pandemic of COVID-19, was questioned by one of his fans on Twitter to come out about the recent statements of Mitch McConnell, known as a moderate Republican holding conservative political positions.

The fan asked Simmons if he agrees with McConnell, who supported increasing the number of charitable donations for the richer folks instead of giving more money to those who truly need it. Gene responded by saying he believes both extreme left and right are dangerous for America.

He explained that he makes his own mind up through evaluating all kinds of political beliefs rather than blindly following a politician’s path. After that, Simmons was accused by one of his followers, who claimed that Gene disrespected his fan by not answering her question accurately.

Simmons has immediately fixed the situation by expressing what he meant in his previous tweet about the McConnell issue. He stated he answered by trying to say ‘Who wants to know about my political or religious beliefs?’ since half the country will disagree with him.

Here’s what the fan of Simmons asked him about Mitch McConnell in the first place:

“Mr. Simmons it would seem that you are a die-hard Republican. Do you have the same mindset that McConnell does? Instead of giving more money to those who truly need it.

He wants to increase the number of charitable donations for the richer folks. Are these policies you agree with?”

Gene Simmons answered as:

“I am neither. I believe both the extreme left and right are dangerous for America. I don’t trust politicians generally. I judge my trust on the individual, their political beliefs and then I make my own mind up. Don’t you?”

Another fan of Gene appeared in the comments and claimed he didn’t answer the question properly. However, Simmons objected to the accusation and insisted that he gave a reasonable answer with another tweet to explain his reasoning.

Gene Simmons concluded the conversation by saying:

“Of course I answered. I said ‘Who wants to know?‘ Point being, why would someone ask you political or religious questions. Half the country will disagree, anyway.

Probably time for us to do what we do when we vote: draw the curtains, ‘cause your opinions are no one else’s biz..”

You can see the tweets below.