KISS’ legendary bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, posted a tweet on his Twitter account in order to congratulate a scientific achievement but his tweet drew a lot of criticism considering Gene’s stance against racism.

Gene Simmons is highly active on his social media accounts and he likes using his Twitter account to express his views on various social or political matters, share his insights on music, and even give advice to his fans considering the ongoing pandemic.

In his recent tweet, Gene Simmons wanted to use his platform to appreciate and support the key scientist behind the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the way he worded his message was criticized by some of his followers.

As you may have heard, the name Kizzmekia Corbett had made the headlines of the news earlier this year, in March, as a member of the team of scientists who are trying to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.

She recently made the headlines again as the key scientist behind the research on the COVID-19 vaccine. Gene Simmons posted a tweet about this matter as he wanted to congratulate the scientist who has been working tirelessly in order to come up with a vaccine that could help and save millions of people.

In his tweet, Gene repeated the title of the article referring to Kizzmekia Corbett as an ‘African American woman‘ which raised a lot of criticism from his followers. While some questioned why he needed to point out her race, others stated that her race should not be mentioned when talking about her scientific achievements because ‘highlighting her race an act of racism in itself.’

One of his followers said that Corbett is not African American as she was born in North Carolina and claimed that they know ‘real African Americans‘ and that ‘they do not like Black Americans being called African American because they aren’t African.’

Even though Gene Simmons wanted to take a moment and appreciate the hard work Kizzmekia Corbett and her teammates have put in to help their fellow citizens, his tweet was criticized by numerous people. Gene hasn’t responded to any of the criticisms but considering his stance against racism, the iconic musician might address his fans who are confused with his latest tweet soon.

Here’s what Gene Simmons said in his tweet:

Respect! Kizzmekia Corbett, an African American woman, is praised as the key scientist behind COVID-19 vaccine – ABC News.”

This is what one of his followers commented:

“Why does race or gender matter?”

Here’s what another follower said:

“Why is she being praised as an African American scientist rather than just a scientist? Isn’t highlighting her race an act of racism in itself? Surely race, gender or religious beliefs have no bearing on scientific developments.”

This is another comment written as a response to Gene’s tweet:

“She was born in North Carolina, not in Africa! She is an American, a Black American. I have known real African Americans and they do not like Black Americans being called African American, because they aren’t African.”

You can check out the tweet that Gene Simmons posted on his Twitter account below.