KISS icon Gene Simmons has shared a really funny photo on his official Twitter account and mocked the drummer of the band, Eric Singer, in a brilliant way.

As you might already know, Eric is 5.8 feet tall and the band members love to joke with his height. Gene has also mocked Eric today by sharing a picture of three urinals, in which one of them has been replaced in below average height. Gene likened Eric to this short urinal and made a joke about his height again.

After Gene shares this post, most of his fans have shared their reaction with over 1.800 likes less than six hours.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer urinals.”

A fan named Elina Ahola replied:

“This joke just lives on… And on… And on… 😂😂😂”

Another fan named Kim added this comment:

“Bad things are coming to you for this. I’d watch my back & check the urinal. That plastic wrap is pretty clear & your vision isn’t what it used to be. Isn’t that right, Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer?”

You can check his tweet below.