Speaking to Lipps Service radio show, KISS bassist Gene Simmons talked about their upcoming farewell tour. He mentioned about his outfits and said that ‘Mick Jagger and Bono can’t do what I do’.

Here’s the statement:

“It’s always interesting marketing when you say, ‘I promise,’ and all that. KISS is the hardest-working band in show business — period. It doesn’t mean we’re the best, although we call ourselves that. But I wear about seven-inch platform dragon boots. Each one weighs 10 or 11 pounds. That’s 20-plus pounds on the legs. It’s like working out with bowling balls.

Then on top of that, there’s another 30 pounds or so between the armor [and the rest of the outfit]. And so if you put [Mick] Jagger and Bono — [who are] both great — in my outfits, they’d… like little girls, they’d fall down… They can’t do this. And I’ve gotta spit fire and fly through the air and all that. It is physically exhausting… So the idea is go out with some dignity.”

Three weeks ago, he reacted to people saying ‘KISS’ farewell tour is fake ending again’ and said:

It doesn’t matter what people say, we don’t listen to it. You just got to run your own race and you don’t look over your shoulder. Honestly, we’re doing the last tour because we want to go out on top. But it doesn’t matter if you believe it, we’re doing it for us.

We want to give the fans one last spectacular shake the heavens tour and go out gracefully with pride. And thank the fans who’ve made our lives possible.

So whether you believe it or not, whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, this is the biggest, the badass KISS show will ever do then at the end of that gracefully bow out.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement (Blabbermouth).