KISS legend Gene Simmons used his official Twitter account to wrote a letter to his mother on Mother’s Day and saddened the community by sharing his longing to her.

Gene shared a picture of his mother and stated that she is always in his heart and soul. Furthermore, the legend said that he is missing her every time he breaths and suggested to his followers that they should hug their mother and show some love while still they can.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote:

“To my mother: Always in my heart and soul. I miss you terribly every day. And I’ll miss you until the very last breath I take… Run over to your Mother, while she is still here. Hug her. Kiss her. And tell her you to love her every day! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.”

A fan named Alyssa replied:

Your mother was beautiful, Gene. She was proud of you.”

Another fan named Juanita said:

“Beautiful, Gene. I miss my Mom, too. I wish I could hug her again and talk with her.”

You can read the post below.