One of the co-founding members of the legendary American band, KISS, Gene Simmons has continued to share new photos from the Japan leg of their ‘End of the Road World Tour’ via his verified and official Instagram account.

All band members have shared a lot of photos from their adventure in Morioka, Japan, and they are still posting sincere photos from their tour.

Today, Gene Simmons couldn’t believe what he saw at the train station after the concert. A lot of fans were waiting for them at the train station, and they were applauding them.

After the event, Gene has taken a photo of them and written an emotional goodbye message’ due to the big interests of the fans.

Here’s what Gene wrote:

“Fans at the train station saying goodbye to us after the concert in Morioka, Japan..”

A fan named Greg Sherman commented:

“Gene, I saw you at the prudential center in NJ over the summer. What an experience. By far the best concert that I’ve ever seen.

Talk about getting your money’s worth! Thank you, sir!”

Another fan named ししちゃん joined to concert and explained feels of herself:

“Your play was great and moved me so much. I was very happy to watch and listen to your performance nearby.”

You can see the photo right below.