On a recent post via his official Twitter account, KISS icon Gene Simmons unveiled his thoughts about NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, and showed how a kind-hearted person he is after watching his viral video on social media.

Shaq was recorded while he was trying to help a driver who pulled his car over due to some problem of his vehicle, and this video of Shaq went viral on social media. Later on, Gene saw this clip and shared his reaction rapidly.

In the tweet, Gene stated that they meet with Shaq for a long time ago and there is no doubt that he has a good heart inside his big body. While praising Shaq’s gentle character, he also said that all of the American people should take an example from this video.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“Shaq. This is a good man… We met long ago… A heart of gold… This is what America should be all about: Helping each other!”

You can check out the post and watch the video below.