KISS’ bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and responded to a Twitter user’s tweet who told him that he should stop talking about politics and just concentrate on his music.

As you know, Gene Simmons is quite active on his social media accounts and he likes using his Twitter account to announce KISS’ upcoming projects, express his views on important social and political matters, and talk about the ongoing pandemic. Nonetheless, the fact that he’s vocal on Twitter has led to a lot of criticism, and some users have gone as far as to say that he should not talk about political matters and that he sticks to music.

These criticisms and Simmons’ reactions to them have made him headline in some of our previous articles but even though he has made it perfectly clear that he will never stop expressing his views on political and social matters, it seems like some of his followers can still not accept it.

Recently, Gene Simmons posted a news article considering the recent event in which Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol attempting to prevent Congress from accepting the elected president Joe Bidens win in the Electoral College. This tweet raised numerous reactions and some of his followers told Simmons to stop getting entangled in such issues.

One follower in specific told Simmons to do everyone a favor and ‘just play music‘ to which Simmons responded by saying that they can just visit someone else’s Twitter account if they are not happy with the content that he posts. He wished them well while saying that they should never tell him what to do, say, or think.

Then the same user told him that they had previously tweeted him multiple times about their son being a huge KISS fan and even being front row at their concerts, none of which Gene Simmons responded to. The user finished their message by saying that they will still enjoy his music but that that is it.

Here’s what the Twitter user said when Gene Simmons posted a political article:

“Do us all a favor and just play music.”

To which Gene Simmons responded:

“Kym, I respectfully invite you to visit someone elses Twitter site. Kindly, don’t tell me what to do or what to think. I wish you well. Goodbye.”

The Twitter user went on to say:

“Goodbye to you too. When I did tweet you about my son’s live for your music at 8 you could not be bothered. Not even when he was front row at the concert. I’ve enjoyed your music and still will. God bless you.”

You can check out the tweet below.