KISS bassist and co-founder Gene Simmons had a recent talk with Guitar World, and he revealed his real ideas about KISS’ farewell tour. Simmons clarifies if the farewell tour is a real ending for the band or not.

Guitar World reminded that lots of bands are making farewell tours and they come back a few years later to do it again.

Here is Gene’s answer:

“Well, our age for starters. [Laughs] Obviously there are people who are cynical, but those people are cynical, to begin with. And yes, we did a farewell tour 19 years ago, but to qualify that, the circumstances were so different.

It was short-sighted and it wasn’t too long after we finished with it we realized we didn’t want to say farewell to KISS, we wanted to say farewell to the two people [Ace Frehley and Peter Criss] who had become a ball and chain on KISS.

So to do this now, we’re doing it for the total opposite reasons. The band gets on great. Everybody’s having a great time. Everybody enjoys each other’s company. We sound great. With that said, we’re also aware this doesn’t become easier as time goes on. For us to maintain what we do at the level we do it, it’s finite. There’s an expiration date.”

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