KISS icon Gene Simmons has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and reacted to a painful death of Pastor Landon Spradlin.

According to reports, Pastor wasn’t worried about getting coronavirus when he went to preach during Mardi Gras. After a month later, he died because of pneumonia, which is a complication caused by severe cases of coronavirus.

After seeing this, Gene couldn’t believe his eyes and stated that there is no comment needed for this one. In this way, he showed how important to protect from coronavirus no matter what.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote:

“No comment. You guys figure it out…”

A fan named Carol replied:

“Please, people… This is real. My 83-year-old neighbor has coronavirus, and my other neighbor’s brother in law has it. Both in critical condition.”

Another fan named Shanda replied:

“Unfortunate outcome, too bad he didn’t follow the restrictions. He would be alive today. Hopefully, his congregation learned a valuable lesson. Sad really.”

You can check his tweet below.