Bass guitarist of KISS, Gene Simmons posted wall-painting photo of himself with monster of Frankenstein and Ramones singer Joey Ramone.

Gene has shared the photo on Instagram with this simple caption:

“Hi”, you can see the Instagram post below.

Back in February 2019, Gene talked in a conversation with All Access podcast, and explained his thoughts about their farewell tour. He said:

“I’m a fairly big guy — I’m 6′ 2″, I’m probably closer to 250 pounds. I’m not a skinny guy, and proud of it. But I know I’m gonna be weeping like a 12-year-old girl who has someone stepping on her feet at that last show. Tears of happiness, I might add.

How many people on earth get to do what we’ve done? You’ve gotta take that perspective. Because KISS has always been more than a band. KISS has been a unifying force for different generations…

When you see a five-year-old kid at a concert — our concert — who has KISS makeup and is sitting on the shoulders of his dad who’s wearing KISS makeup, who’s next to his dad, who’s 50 or 60, and he’s wearing makeup.

And that kid does my hand gesture for the first time in his life… It’s hit me before. I turn around, and you’re in tears, because you realize it’s more than a concert and it’s more than songs — it’s a part of people’s lives. They tattoo their bodies with our faces, they name their kids after our songs. It’s a culture. It’s a nationhood.”

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