On a recent Twitter post, KISS icon Gene Simmons responded to the accusation of taking profit from coronavirus and explained why the people are thinking wrong about this situation.

As you might remember, KISS started to sell their face masks during the coronavirus outbreak to support the ‘Global Relief Fund For Live Music Crews,’ and some of the fans criticized them for making a profit from the masks in these rough times.

Gene responded to the tweet of Sharon McKinley after a short period and stated that they misunderstood this case. He mentioned that they would donate this money to the fight against coronavirus and called this behavior as philanthropy, not capitalism.

Afterward, another fan named Phil wrote that they needed to do this charity quietly, just like other famous bands and sports stars. However, he was wrong either. Gene revealed that most of the bands are doing this charity as KISS does.

Here is the statement from KISS:

“100% of the profit generated from the purchase of these KISS Face Mask shall be donated to the Global Relief Fund For Live Music Crews.”

A fan named Sharon McKinley said:

“Capitalising on the pandemic with selling band face masks is low guy. For f*ck’s sake! Get a grip.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“Actually Sharon, it’s philanthropy. And, I realize Capitalism is also a big word, but it’s not the same. Look it up. Have a nice day.”

Another fan named Phil replied:

“Most musicians and sports stars just do it quietly in the background. No hullabaloo, no logos of their faces, and certainly no shouting about how wonderful they are for doing it. And no using it to keep their fat faces in the media during the downtime. Just saying.”

Gene responded:

“You are incorrect. I suggest you Google famous bands/people, and find out how many have their faces on masks to combat COVID-19, for charity. Think, before you tweet.”

Phil said:

“I did Gene. And out of the total, I am right. Anyway, not meant to be serious, not meant to cause bad feeling. Just saying. Love you, love all your work, always have, and always will. Thanks for replying.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“You’re still wrong. The Beatles, Aerosmith and many other browns are selling masks with 100% profits going to charity. Argue with them, not me. I wish you well.”

You can check out the tweets below.