KISS icon Gene Simmons’ lovely wife, Shannon Simmons, has shared a funny photo on her official Twitter account and made everybody laugh with this meme.

As you might already know, Gene is not only known by his talent, he is also known for his long tongue. Shannon wanted to make fun with this fact and she made this cartoon-ish meme.

In the picture, she was spraying Gene’s tongue and sending her love to him. Later on, Gene saw this meme and stunned by his wife’s humoristic side. Also, Gene retweeted this post and shared his reaction in a funny way.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote:

“Oh boy…”

A fan named Elisa added this comment:

“I admit I had the wildest dream last night… I dreamed that KISS and to my hometown of Townsville Queensland Australia, and that you winked at me and Paul was handing out posters and CDs with your music… It was so vivid, Mr. Simmons. Wishing it could come true for me…”

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Last month, Gene Simmons has shared a photo on his official Twitter account and reacted to the people who think he is one of the masters in the music community.

As you can check the picture, The Beatles’ legendary album cover of ‘Abbey Road’ was illustrated with legends like Freddie Mercury, Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, and Gene Simmons. Click here for the details.