Legendary KISS member Gene Simmons was the guest of the recent Politico talk and revealed his ideas about the money and rock bands relationship.

Gene Simmons said that without making money, you’re out of business, and it’s the same thing for the music industry.

Here is Gene’s statement:

“We’re the same. There’s only one business on Earth. Either you make money or you’re out of business. Whether it’s POLITICO or the church or a rock band, it’s all the same. The bankers wear their costume. I wear mine. The pope wears his.

But without money, we’re all out of business. It’s the same thing. Whoever said money is the root of all evil, lied. And if you meet anyone who says more money more problems, please give them my number – I’ll relieve that fool of every dollar he doesn’t want.”

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Last week, Morgan Creek Digital Assets’ co-founder Anthony Pompliano shared a recent tweet on his verified account and revealed a photo of him and KISS’ Gene Simmons.

Pompliano also quoted Gene Simmons‘ words about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is volatile, but every time people think it’s dead, it goes up a little.”

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