KISS bassist Gene Simmons has posted a poster of a KISS concert on Twitter. Then, a fan named Russell asked him:

“If a day goes by without YOU making money, is it a wasted day?”

Gene retweeted that question, and wrote a simple response:


Fan replied Gene with a long comment:

“Im not hung up on that money wavelength, I am so poor that I don’t have twear a tzitis that the rich orthodox jews or any orthodox jews wear, under the shirt with the strings hanging out, my clothes naturally are torn up with holes, so Im hoping G-d will look upon that with favor”

Another fan named Kylie said:

“Wrong. $ isn’t everything. It’s great to have it, but there aya million things better than money.”

Another fan said:

“I have to disagree Gene. Most of my best day have involved spending money or just chilling with loved ones and not spending a penny”

Check out the tweet below.