KISS legend Gene Simmons was recently interviewed by Richard Bienstock of Guitar World and revealed if he cares about he has gotten his due as a songwriter or a musician.

Here is his statement about it:

“I don’t care. Means nothing to me. ASCAP gave myself and Paul the songwriter’s medal of honor, whatever that’s called the ASCAP Founders Award. It means nothing.

The only thing that means anything, that includes boxers or baseball players or anybody, is when you get up to bat or when you get in the ring and your bosses are standing on their seats.

And, by the way, that’s our job. We’re not political. We don’t talk about the secret of life because we don’t have a clue what it is.

Our job is to make you forget the traffic jam, the fact that your girlfriend is elbowing you because you’re looking at that girl over there with the set of double D’s, all that other stuff that tortures everybody.

With Kiss, it’s magic time.”

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