KISS icon Gene Simmons spoke in the recent interview with the famous TV show, Good Day LA, and made a statement about how coronavirus affected the music industry.

COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus, is a highly contagious disease that spreading all around the world for over three months. So far, over 1.7M cases have confirmed by the authorities and still rising.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, most of the sports events, concerts, tours, meetings canceled. As you might remember, Alice Cooper, Evanescence, Halestorm, KISS, and many other bands decided to postpone the tours last month.

Gene Simmons mentioned these problems and stated that the music industry lost billions of dollars because of this outbreak. Also, he said that the people who were working behind the scenes on those events are suffering the most.

The host of the show, Tony McEwing said:

“If you can talk a little bit about what impact COVID-19 has had on the music industry in general?”

Gene Simmons replied:

“Well, look, we can talk about the big numbers, and that means billions of dollars that are lost. The rich and the famous and the good-looking folks who wear silly outfits like this and who have silly hair like this, just billions of dollars flushed down the drain. So what? You’re talking about single mothers and families who live from check to check.

The people who actually put on these concerts, the security people, the road crews, all that stuff. This is important; this is survival. And so the folks in and around the infrastructure are the people who are suffering the most.”

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