One of the most talented Rockstars of all time, Gene Simmons has shared an interesting video about his hanged photo on the wall via his verified Twitter account.

The place owner hanged a special photo of Gene but he selected the wrong place, the owner hanged it on the right side of the toilet.

Gene Simmons has seen that photo and took a video for showing to fans. He feels honorable himself due to this photo which hanged, but he made a reproof a little bit due to the photo’s place.

Here’s what he captioned:

“Just when you need to go pee…”

Gene said that in the video:

“If you are going to the rehearsal hall, it’s a big honor when they put your photo up there. Of course, if it’s right next to this thing… What they are trying to tell me?”

A fan named X.XXStarchildXX.X commented:

“It’s ok when ya go it to the bathroom and there a group of girls in there and all u want is some paper towels to clean spilled tea.

And everyone in that bathroom is vaping or all you want to do is wash your hand and their people in bathroom vaping and you act like I saw nothing.”

Another fan named Michele said:

“I’m guessing its been a while (if ever) since you’ve had to *perform* next to a bathroom. Trust me. You’re doing good kid.”

You can watch the video right below.