One of the co-founding members of the legendary American band KISS, Gene Simmons, has shared the rare poster of his first performance when he was in college via his verified Twitter account.

Gene Simmons formed a band called ‘Bullfrog Bheer’ when he was a student in upstate New York, and he has written the song called ‘The Newest Rock Sensation In The Catskills’ for his former band. This was the first musical experience for Gene Simmons, in 1970.

Today, Gene Simmons has shared the rare poster which belongs to their first performance, and he told what he lived when he was a student at Sullivan County Community College.

Here’s what he wrote:

“1970…I was in college in upstate NY and formed a band called BULLFROG BHEER (correct spelling).

“The Newest Rock Sensation In The Catskills.” We played covers as well as some of the first songs I wrote, like “She.” Here’s the poster.”

A fan named Chris Jones commented:

“I live 15 miles from The Rockland House. Great place that has great prime rib and even better drinks. Come on back Gene, we would love to have you.”

Another fan named Tevans added that comment:

“Thanks, Gene! Seeing where you started and where you are now is an inspiration to us all to keep working hard.”

You can see the rare poster which shared by Gene Simmons right below.