Veteran KISS bassist Gene Simmons spoke in an interview with Telegraph from United Kingdom, and revealed most memorable live show for him.

Here’s the bizarre story about German shepherds and armed police:

“One of my most memorable gigs? Japan, 1977… German Shepherds and armed police were on call to monitor the audience when we first played at the Budokan in Tokyo.

They were out en masse to ensure that none of the audience made any noise or moved from their seats while the artist was on stage. At the end, the audience had to clap very politely.

Obviously, we assumed the show was going terribly, but it was explained to us later. The culture’s changed there but our Japanese and Chinese fans are generally more reserved.”

He continued:

“Not a year goes by when I don’t perform in Japan. In 2015 alone I played Hiroshima, Sendai, Nagoya and Osaka. In 2016 I was in Tokyo for the Kiss Expo, and I was there again touring in 2017.

I was once served a wriggling plate of live bugs. It was in Japan. Call me a philistine but if you’ve got eight legs, tentacles and little beady eyes, I can’t eat you. I can’t stomach the “eeeek” sound of seafood being cooked alive, either.”

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