KISS co-founder and long-time bassist, Gene Simmons, was recently interviewed by ‘American Songwriter’ editor Jacob Uitti this week and talked about his legendary career as well as his crypto cryptocurrency investments.

As you might already know, Gene Simmons is the shareholder of one of the most famous cryptocurrency companies named Invictus Capital and he holds almost 3 million common shares of the company. In this way, Gene has over $4.5 million of investment in the cryptocurrency industry.

In his latest interview with American Songwriter, Gene Simmons admitted that he’s thinking about cryptocurrency most often these days and he also thinks that he’s in it big. According to Gene, cryptocurrency is a game-changer. However, he also admitted that he’d never suggest investing money in that because he does not want to be blamed at the end of the day.

Here is what he said:

“Governments, as you know now print money whenever they need it. So, inflation keeps getting bigger and bigger. The dollar used to be based on gold and you can lose a dollar. You can’t lose your cryptocurrency, unless, of course, you lose what’s called your ‘code wallet,’ or your password.

Banks have nothing to say about it. Governments have nothing to say about it. The world is changing. It’s probably time. Probably time to do that instead of keep cutting trees down and making paper so that we can give it to each other. But credit cards and wiring funds probably were the start of that.”

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