The legendary musician and the co-founder of KISS, Gene Simmons has posted some sweet photos of his son, Nick Simmons on his verified and official Twitter account.

As you will remember, Gene Simmons and other KISS members have been in Japan for a few weeks due to ‘End of the Road World Tour.’ Most of the fans, who from social media, are following them very close for their Japan trip. They also look very happy in the photos which took in Japan.

Today, Gene Simmons and his son, Nick Simmons have gone to Shopping Center for buying some of their needs. When they were shopping, Gene saw the toy figures which are Japanese anime named TOTORO.

Gene Simmons took some photos of his son with TOTORO toys and Gene told the childhood story of his son and daughter with TOTORO on this tweet.

Here’s what Gene wrote:

“When NICK and SOPHIE were little, we used to watch the Japanese anime TOTORO, over and over again. And now, here is Nick with how s childhood friend, Totoro.”

A user named David Chlystek commented:

“Please tell Nick that I teach a class on Storyboarding and directing at The Animation Guild he is welcome to attend.

We study Miyazaki and many of his contemporaries in depth.”

Another user named Danny James said:

“I only had a Japanese copy for years. Was trial and error getting the English language option? The whole family loves it. Always.”

You can see the photos and the tweet right below.